The CareerSource Florida Performance Funding Model is a commitment to rewarding annual achievement and driving systemic change to help Florida become the global leader for talent. The model is designed to help the CareerSource Florida network identify, measure, reward and replicate success to better anticipate and address the employment and training needs of businesses, job seekers and workers statewide.

Local Performance for Statewide Success

Welcome to Florida's Performance Funding Model!
The Model provides opportunities around key metrics to:

  • Map and analyze critical performance data;
  • Develop and deploy effective strategies; and,
  • Enhance services to job seekers and businesses.


The Performance Funding Model is being developed in close collaboration with the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity and the 24 CareerSource Florida local workforce development boards. The ongoing feedback has been a leading driver for this groundbreaking project, allowing us to redefine what is possible at the state level.

Orange petalINNOVATE

The Performance Funding Model and its web application are a first-of-its-kind system to measure and reward performance by local workforce development boards. Once fully implemented, it will offer metrics to strategically evaluate local workforce development boards for statewide success.

Blue petalLEAD

The development of the Performance Funding Model is funded by a $3 million grant from the U.S. Department of Labor's Workforce Innovation Fund. The development and implementation are being documented by a third-party evaluator to serve as a model for the nation.